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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Patent - Sim Card

Wondering who will patent this in the future. (Need to pay me $$ :))

New Phone -> you can put sim card
Once you put the sim card, the sim tray should not be removable until you enter the right passcode.

Also you should not be able to shutdown your phone until you enter the right passcode, to save your battery, you can power down everything except the "find your device service". This can be done by the O/S automatically e.g. 3 times wrong password, the phone will act as if shutdown but actually go to stand by mode for "find your device".

This will be useful so you can be sure the thief will not be able to remove your sim card and deactivate your internet.

All these if its combined with Find your devices from Android/iPhone, I think this will deter thief to steal your phone :).