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Monday, February 27, 2012

Coupon - Wag.com - 20% Discount

Received this so maybe this is useful for other people since I am not going to use it.

For first time buyer only - Not sure whether it can be reused by other people so, first come , first server
Coupon Code: 2B6B4NGXP2

Discount: 20%
Expiry: 06/30/2012
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Thursday, February 09, 2012

PC Anywhere source code release - Should you afraid?

PC Anywhere source code has been released (Old version from 2006). So does that mean people has to be worried about the security ?

Well, not really.

In Open Source world, the Remote Desktop or Security programs are being released with source code Example: VNC and open ssh. Does that mean we need to worry when we are using VNC or Open SSH ?

I dont think so. When there is an exploit found on those VNC or SSH, the community will fix the code immediately.

With PC Anywhere however, since its a closed source code, nobody really know how secure is the code until the leak or until it has been hacked and it will take weeks or even months for the company to fix it.

Open Source community typically patch the exploit much faster than a closed source-code company.

So if you are afraid to use PC Anywhere, just upgrade the version or move to another product such as vnc. (Many flavors of VNC exists now)

PS: I am not running PC Anywhere and not interested with their source code. (Spending time with my kid is much better than reading source code)