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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Negear Skype Wi-Fi Phone

Skype is getting popular now. Lots of companies are supported this product from linksys to Netgear. Now netgear challenge linksys by also producing this wifi phone.

The difference is:
1. this wifi phone will be able to connect to skype directly -> no need to have PC / Notebook like linksys phone CIT200. What you will need to do is just the skype user ID and skype password

So far the spec from the website is:
1. Wifi 802.11g
The speed should be good if it can reach 54Mbps. but as most hotspot use 802.11b, hopefully it will be fast enough :P.

2. It will support encryption (*Hopefully up to 128 bit*).

Since I have not seen this product yet (not yet released as of this posting)
I can only guess:
1. The O/S most likely is linux *cut down the license cost*
Notes: Linux can already run skype now. Tested works with my flat mate.

2. Encryption for the phone at minimum will support 64 bit.

Things that I am not really sure:
1. Will it support 128 bit encryption?
2. Will it support Wifi authentication using Internet Explorer -> sign in using user ID and Password. *Update: It will not work*

Update as of 22nd June 2006
The Skype Phone will not work since it does not contains web browser. So the phone will only work with WEP Key (*WPA key is unknown*).

From the website:

Q: Can I use the NETGEAR Skype WiFi Phone at any WiFi hotspot?
A: The Skype WiFi phone does not contain a web browser therefore can not access hotspots, which require web-based login or authentication.

Source Info: http://www.netgear.com/products/details/SPH101.php

More Information including images:


Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

28th Feb 2006:
During lunch time, manage to see a very interesting .
A bluetooth virtual keyboard in demo.

This will be a must have for people that have PDA phone that hate to use stylus for typing in a cafe.

You can find the company details on:

If you notice, you can type in any surface *maybe not glass*. but for table it should works fine.
the price for now is USD$199. Quite a cool gadget :-),

the drawback that i can think of:
if only there is a way to see the letters that we are typing that would be even better :).
maybe the first 2 lines.

pro about this product:
1. Typing for SMS
2. Typing for Email
3. MS Word ???

1. you still need to see the result on the PDA itself.

Not sure:
1. Accuracy is unknown. But since this is a new product, I belive if the market is good, the company will improve it in the later version.

Would like to see the letters can be seen on the table :) that would be nice.
The idea for this keyboard is good, so hopefully later version would be better.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Logitech Pro 4000 Webcam

The 1st day I arrived in Sanjose in August 2005, I need to get a hold of webcam. I bought a Logitech Pro 4000 from Fry's for 99.90 USD excluding the tax.

Brought it to the hotel and tested it and to be honest, I like the quality. Everything is perfect.

What is good:
1. Install the driver - no hassle immediately work
2. Use it with MSN -> works
3. Use it with Yahoo -> works
4. Use it with Skype -> works fine
5. Picture quality is excellent

No complaint, and this webcam got a builtin microphone too. Except I seldom use it since my notebook came with a builtin microphone, so I am using the notebook one instead of the webcam.

But as of now, the Pro 4000 is a bit obsolute, there is a new model Pro 5000, I want to try it out but cant justify myself since I only own the Pro 4000 for a few months *sigh*. So I will need to wait for at least a few more months before I can buy this model.

What is new at Logitech Pro 5000
1. Light technology is better
2. the microphone got a built in noise filter
3. You can use animation in MSN for your photo, of course it wont perfect, but I still think its nice than yo see your own boring face all the time he he he.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Nice Smartphone. Bought in May 2005. With 520 Mhz intel, and upgrade the memory to 1GB SD Card. this phone is like a dream come true. You can read pdf, microsoft reader, and you can even put games inside.

Specs for O2 XDA IIi
1. Intel 520 Mhz
2. Wireless 802.11b (*wireless only 64 bit encryption*)
3. Windows Mobile 2003
4. Bluetooth
5. Infrared

More info:

Things that works well:
1. Phone
Works well, in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and USA

2. Games
at least sudoku works well, and some other games also works well, but dont hope like a real joystick, nothing can beat the real game console like NES, SNES, XBOX, etc for that. but for wasting time while waiting for appointment, this is a good way to kill time.

3. MSN
works out of the box

4. Yahoo
download agile messenger and it works

5. Wireless
Okay, nothing to complaint, it works except only for 64 bit encryption, oh well, so I have to lower down the encryption at my home to 64 bit in order for my O2 works.

6. Internet Explorer
Okay Pocket Internet Explorer works well except for Java website. forget it, banking, is not available in here.

7. Skype
Download skype from the website and tested it with wifi. It works fine, I can speak and hear it. The sounds goes to my external speaker, but its clear enough. Quality cant be compared if you use the earpiece in the normal computer, but oh well, this is a PDA with only 520 Mhz. so its acceptable for now.

Things that not good:
1. The camera.
The quality sucks.

2. Password
I have tried to set the phone to auto lock within 24 hours, and it looks a great feature, except it comes with 1 bug, if during the auto lock somebody rings me, I dont have any idea on how to enter my password. so the only way is to soft-reset the handphone.

3. Reset
If you open too many things, like adobe reader, and you forgot to close it, the next time you try to do things, it will be slower like a tortoise. you need to reboot in order to get everything back to the normal speed or kill the running program.

4. Internet Explorer + Java
cant make the applet website works with this phone. mapquest and google map doesnt work. Lucky yahoo maps works :) so at least i still have some way to find a route using this handphone.
5. Stylus
I lost 3 stylus so far. How I lost it, until now i cant figure it out, must be drop when I run because I put it on my belt. *oh well my fault then*

Thats it for now.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Actiontec Internet Wizard - For Skype

Another interesting day in December, After trying around with linksys skype phone, I finally get a hand to try out the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard. This is much more interesting since with this hardware, you can use your "old" phone whether its a cordless or not with skype.

The cost when I bought it from Fry's US$70, but from the main website actiontec, you can get it for US$50, oh well, i am desperate to get my hand on it, so I pay slightly more :P.

This hardware is great, I have no problem at all using this thing.

I install the driver, plug the hardware to the USB port. and hook the cable to the hotel phone.
and ...shazam...it works.

Ask my friend to give me a call, and my hotel phone ring. the quality drop to the normal local quality phone. but who cares, its the same with the linksys phone anyway. With this hardware at least I do not have to keep additional phone.

The interesting part is to make a call out, you need to assign a number in your friend's name like this:

1. dragonboy
2. ranma
3. kyoko

Once you assign the number, pick up the handset and press "# # 2" and watch your screen. the phone will dial ranma . cool...... :).

there is a problem though, the problem is.......if you had about 20++ friends, oops, I found it hard to memorise them by number. so thats the only drawback about this hardware compare to linksys CIT200.

Note: To switch between normal Phone and skype or vice versa, just press ##.

More info on this product:

Linksys Skype Phone - CIT200 Wireless USB

Bought Skype Phone in November 2006 from Fry's. The installation is a snap. Install the driver, plug the cable, and the phone just work.

I found some annoying facts about this phone, but it can be solved with some work around:

When you have a program abort with EACESS violation" when you try to run the linksys application, please remember to do this:
1. Quit your skype totally
2. Run Linksys Cordless Internet Kit. (*Its in your desktop or in your start up program*)
3. This application will automatically run your skype.

I found this problem only when you install skype version 2.0, when you are using skype version 1.XX, I didnt found this problem.

Once the linksys cordless internet kit is running, you can run or quit your skype as many times as you want.

Good things:
1. you can call your friends from your phone, it will list down all your friends in the phone. nice feature
2. It will allow you to scroll down and call your friends directly from the phone, so you dont have to go to your PC to dial :)
3. you can use skype out (*Calling to Landline or Mobile Phone*) from this phone directly

Bad things:
1. The quality of sounds drop but tolerable.
2. The drivers. Perhaps Linksys will come out with a new driver to avoid the "Eacess Violation" error message.

Price: US$129.99

Where to buy:
1. Fry's
2. Radio Shack

More info on this product: