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Monday, July 13, 2015

Curbside - Coupon Code USA only

Curbside Apps

Nice idea. If you are in hurry and needs to get things, curbside apps (available on App Store / Google Play) can help. This app will allow you to shop on places where they offer curbside pick up e.g. Best Buy, Target, Macys, Disney Store.

How it works:
1. You order thru the curbside apps
2. Choose the store you would like to shop that provide curbside service
3. Order the items and pay
4. Wait for message (1-2 hour) that the item is ready
5. Drive thru to the place (no need to park) and pick up your item
6. Done

Really useful especially if you are busy or at work and you are in hurry and lazy to search for all the items.

You get a free "secretary service" and "save time" with the same price. Niceeee

This coupon can help you to save $10 if you spend $20 (50% off).
Example of things you can buy: Shampoo, Lego, Pampers, Tylenol, etc. Really useful.

Coupon Code: IYUIG


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