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Saturday, November 11, 2006

VOIP Phone - Skype, Yahoo , MSN Live

I have seen a lot of voip phone lately. Of course its all started from voip for Skype only.
Started with "wired", and moved to "Cordless".
so now more vendors see the opportunity to make $$ with the other IM vendors i.e. Yahoo and MSN.

In here, I am only interested to see "cordless" voip" since I found it eventhough its nice to use a headset, but you are stuck with a few metres away from your computer. While if you manage to get a cordless phone, you are free to move around your house.

So far here is what I have found out:

1. Skype
Available Vendors: Linksys, Netgear
URL: Netgear, Linksys
Quality of voice: 5/5
Assumption; You are using Intel Core Duo *blah*, the memory usage is high starting from Skype 2.5. Otherwise stick with skype 2.0

2. MSN Live
Vendor: Uniden
URL: Uniden
Price: US$ 99
Voice Quality: 4/5

3. Yahoo Messenger
Vendor: V-Tech
URL: Vtech
Voice Quality: 5/5 --> In fact I found out that Yahoo is better now than skype :P.
But it might be because I am not using Intel Core Duo yet.

For now, the only problem with those products are : they are only work with 1 vendor per time *Sigh*, none of them want to do an "multiple vendor IM".

But I am pretty sure that day will come, just wait for 1-2 more years :). It will happen......



Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, i think you have reason, inn a few monthts (i hope) there will be home phones and mobile phones wich will allow to use it IM to make voice calls or video calls o IM.

8:57 PM  

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