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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nokia N95 - Wish List For Next Year

Nokia is one of the best brand for Mobile Phone. I really loved Nokia since its the easiest phone for sending SMS. Now with N95, Nokia is aiming for those who have PDA (Windows Mobile). The looks is very similar with a Windows Mobile PDA phone.
This new Nokia N95 cames built-in with:
1. GPS *yessss finally*
2. 802.11g *Wireless 54mbps - Should be quite fast*
3. Camera with 5 mega pixel *yeap thats right*
4. 3G (*nothing new but nice to know*
5. HSDPA *Another method to surf the web faster than the current 3G*
6. 2.6" LCD Display with 16 Million colors *niceee*
7. MP3 Player (See from the Picture 2 where the top part of the phone can come out - i like it*
8. Standard Phone layout (*You can push up the phone to show the normal phone layout - good for SMS *)

The only thing that I need to know now is:
1. How much is the price ???? Rumor - USD700
2. When will it be released - Rumor - Q1 2007
3. Speed - Eventhough I like Nokia, the only problems with their new handphone is the "speed". Its getting slower and slower *sigh*.
4. Battery...How long the battery can last :P

More Info: News Released
More photos: Nokia Photo

* Image above were taken from Nokia website.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget 30 fps video recording quality (DVD quality format video) - Jelas2x mendingan ini daripada si dopod.

Ya nggak

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it the slower the better? Less battery power consumption. Come to think of it Symbian made their application codes in a very efficient languange. Thus, the application used less power consumption, yet it is significantly speedy in a process regardless of CPU speed.

Symbian's Lovers

11:40 AM  

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