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Monday, November 27, 2006

Nintendo Wii - Good or Bad ?

Nintendo Wii just being released recently in USA. Obviously the Wii Console is running out very fast.

The advertisement is great, I loved the advertisement. But when I watch the advertisement, I was wondering about something.

Since we can "act" as if we are playing tennis using Wii, what happens when we Play something like Bowling game. Will there be any accident?

Sure enough, there is 1 accident already :-)

Photos: photo

I am waiting for more accident :P, will there any lawsuit because of this? Let see...time will tell, but I am pretty sure I dont have to wait for years.

Some of the accident that I could predict:
1. TV Broken, Windows broken, The Wii remote broken, The Wii remote hit another people's face, The wii remote hits expensive collection, The wii remote hits children, Strain Arms, Strain Legs.

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