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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nokia E90 - New Firmware rev 210.34.75

If you have Nokia E90 Communicator. Time to upgrade the firmware device.

The latest firmware from nokia rev 210.34.75 brings one changes that I like, flash lite.

The new Flash Lite will allow you to watch youtube website.

I am not really a fans of youtube, but oh well, since this is a nice upgrade, might as well do it :).

By the way, if you are not a fans of flash, then its really up to you whether you want to do the upgrade or not. I do the upgrade and so far all my existing applications are still working fine, just need to reinstall some of them :).

How do you know your existing version?

From your nokia phone, press *#0000# (zero zero zero zero)

The firmware number will be displayed, if its Below <>

How to do the upgrade?

1. Backup your contact list, remember, when you upgrade, all your contact list will be gone.

You can use the Tools -> Memory -> Options -> Backup

to backup your contacts and Calendar and your Program Files

1b. Change the E90 Profiles for your Nokia to "General"

1c. Turn off your E90 and turn on again (To make sure everything is clean)

2. Turn off your Firewall / Antivirus

3. Connect the Nokia Cable to your PC and your E90 phone(make sure you do not go through the "hub", make sure its connected directly to your PC/Notebook.

4. From the Nokia PC Suite, just need to choose the Update Phone Software.

5. Download the file

6. run the Nokia Upgrade File

7. Well just press next all the way, and your nokia will reboot and the installation will continue at the background, just wait about 10-15 minutes, and your new nokia is ready

8. Congratulation, the upgrade is completed

9. Last step, Go to Tools -> Memory -> Restore.....

This is to restore your contact list, calendar, etc :)

10. Done.

Have fun...

Question, post your question will your problem.



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