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Friday, December 07, 2007

Logitech ClearChat Pro USB - Headset

I always love Logitech Products. From the Mouse, Keyboard, Web cam and Headset.

So for the Headset, I have been using Logitech Pro 250 then Moved to Logitech Pro 350 and now its latest generation Logitech ClearChat Pro USB appears.

The highlight of the product is pretty interesting:

"Highlights: Laser-Tuned Audio Drivers, Mic Mute-Indicator Light, Noise-Canceling Mic, Padded Headband, Rotating "

So I finally deciced my mind and manage to get this at Best Buy because I want to know how good is the Laser-Tuned Audio Drivers.

There is no need for installation for my windows XP.
Its really plug and play. No drivers required. Good Job Logitech!

Some Nice Features of the Logitech ClearChat:

1. The mute button is at the top so it prevents accidents pressing the button like in the previous generation (Logitech Pro350)

2. Up and Down volume is at the top

3. Voice is very clear

Disadvantage of the Logitech ClearChat

1. There is a buzzz sounds on the recipient. Hopefully Logitech will fix this problem.

So is it worth to buy? Not really sure, but I will stick with Logitech 350 since I do not want to annoy the recipient with the buzz sounds. If Logitech can fix this problem with the next version, I will definitely buy the products. but for Now, it looks like I will need to go back to Best Buy for a refund.

More Info: Logitech URL

Price: US$ 34-49


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