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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Belkin - N Router

Belkin has another interesting products i.e. N Router. Before I decide to buy this router, I surf the web to try to find what are the best N Router.
I am very happy with my previous Linksys 802.11G. And it provides a nice connection at my place. But when my friend decide to share the internet connection with another person and the router has to be inside this new person's place. This linksys router is no longer sufficient.
I could not get any signal at all in my room.
There are a couple of ways to provide signal to my room:
1. Setup a Repeater
2. Buy a bigger antena for the router
3. Buy another 802.11G which provides a longer range.
4. Buy a new 802.11 N router
Well, I have tried to use a repeater, but the connection is up and down. So maybe the area that I choose to setup the repeater is not close enough. The only other place that I could setup this repeater will be the bathroom. So Option 1 is out.
Option 2 is out since the person doesnt like to have bigger antena *sigh*
Then I left with Option 3 and Option 4.
SoI bought Another 802.11G which provides a longer range. I tried Linksys 802.11 Ranger Products.
I bought this and quickly installs it. The installation is easy. and it does provides a bigger coverage than my previous 802.11g. How Do I know ? I bring my laptop and go around in and outside the house. Before I decide to choose this product, I tried the option 4 too :).
Option 4 - A new 802.11N router
I choose Belkin N Router. (Not Pre-N and not N1 Router).
This is the excellent choice since it gives even further range than the Linksys 802.11 Ranger product :P.
So I return the Linksys 802.11 Ranger product and Keep the Belkin N Router.
So What is the good of Belkin N Router ?
1. Setting up is easy.
I do not need to open the manual or install any CD. Took me less than 5 minutes to make it work.
2. Bigger coverage
I can surf the web now from outside the garage :P while previously using the Old linksys 802.11G and Linksys 802.11 Ranger Product I would not be able to do that.
3. Speed is good
802.11n is much better than 802.11g. In theory it can provides higher than 100 Mb, but of course thats only in theory :-). I can only get about 76 Mb, but its already good enough. Better than 54Mb.
So what is the bad thing?
1. I will need to buy N Wireless Card :(.
Since I have already invest to get a new N router, I might as well maximise the speed.
What N wireless card that I chose ? Hmm....See my next blog :P.
So Do I recommend Belkin N Router ? Yes.
is it easy to hack this router? No idea for now.
price: 69.90 USD


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