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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nokia E65 - Voip with DD-WRT (Linksys)

I have finally manage to get Nokia E65. This sexy phone looks cool, I especially like the voip client built-in directly in the firmware.

Before I got the E65, I was having a debate to choose between E65 and N95. Finally I choose E65 simply because:
1. E65 is cheaper (half)
2. N95 based on the review got some "background noise"
3. I dont think I need GPS on my phone yet.
4. N95 feels cheap on my hand compare to E65

So I bought E65 (Mocha Color) and manage to squeeze 1 gb micro SD from the sales girl without any additional charge :).

Installing application to this phone is easy, I can install the bible pretty easily to this phone.

When I try to connect to my wireless, I can get this work pretty easily too except I will need to wait for about 20 sec before the phone able to detect my wifi.

Once connected, I can start using the Web Browser without having any problem. There is nothing to learn much, just need to learn to type the web site address using "phone pad". (Its a pain)

So Far, my experience is pretty good.

Now lets try with the voip client. I try with Singapore pfingo. I have managed to connect to pfingo using my wireless notebook, PC, and my XDA IIi.

So I thought this will be easy to use this nokia. Right ???

Damnnnn, I was wrong, it took me the WHOLE NIGHT to figure out what went wrong because it seems that I am not able to connect to pfingo from the nokia at all. And there is no "error message" that will be able to help to debug the problem.

Finally after sleep, the next day, I try again while also surfing the web to find more information. I am pretty sure other people might encounter the same problem as me. True enough, lots of people are having the same problem as mine. The problem was because I am using linksys with dd-wrt standard version.

For some reason dd-wrt standard version is not compatible with nokia voip client. *sigh*. Its something to do that they rewrite the Header hence the nokia requests was being modified and rejected.

The solution is to use different dd-wrt version i.e. dd-wrt 2.3 SP2 micro edition.

So I download this lighter firmware and install it to my Linksyss router WRT54GSv4.

After installation, true enough, I am able to connect to pfingo :). A quick try using this voip client proof that it works fine.

For now, I am happy, but now I want to try using Singapore@SG. I want to see the Quality using the Free Wireless.

Stay Tune...

PS: I am sad that I am no longer able to use ssh to my router, but on the other hand, How often I ssh to my router :P.



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