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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nokia N900

I have ordered Nokia N900 since November 2009. But I only received it on last saturday (Dec 12th).

I do not even realised its there already since I only manage to check it out on Sunday when I opened my door then I notice the package is outside.

Anyway my first impression for this device is COOL.

Finally a device that is able to do what I need :).

So far, I was able to :
1. Use Cisco VPN
2. Use rdesktop
3. Ssh to other servers.

What I dont like about this phone:
1. Bluetooth.
Previously, I am able to use the button in my Motorolla T505 to call someone by using their name, and the phone will automatically dial the number.

Now this feature is not ready yet :(.
So I could not make a phone call without dialing from my phone first, only after that, the bluetooth works.

Hopefully the next firmware will fix that.

2. The Price
Its not "cheap" :(.

Other than that, this is definitely a good phone.



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